Experience South Beach Arts and Culture

As part of the Art Deco District, South Beach presents unlimited exposure to arts and culture of all kinds. Elaborate exhibits, decorative gardens, historic memorials and cultural walkways all adorn South Beach. There’s no shortage of creativity in the city, and it’s guaranteed to stimulate your senses. Read on to learn the best of South Beach arts and culture.

Lincoln Road

This high energy pedestrian-only strip (pictured above) showcases both art and architecture. Meander through Japanese gardens, enjoy live Latin music on the patio of Van Dyke Café, or find fresh produce at weekly farmer’s markets. Take time to admire historic Art Deco structures as you stroll along Lincoln Road. Look out for the Colony Theater, introduced circa 1935, which spotlights all kinds of art forms from opera to comedy.

Holocaust memorial

What started in 1984 as a vision from a small group of Holocaust survivors evolved into a long-standing monument that reminds current and future generations of the devastating WWII event. Construction of the South Beach Holocaust Memorial concluded in 1990 after four years of building. Elie Wiesel, Holocaust survivor and author of best-selling novel Night, presented the finished product, noting its significance to generations to come.

Espanola Way

Espanola Way serves as an emblem of Spanish culture, showcasing Spanish colonial architecture, live music and quaint Mexican, Cuban, Brazilian and Mediterranean eateries. The pedestrian-only street invites foodies, architecture lovers and history buffs.  Also known as “The Historic Village,” Espanola Way was a popular gambling spot for Al Capone in the late 20s. Now the street stars in multiple popular TV shows and movies.

Bass Museum of Art

Bass Museum of Art, established in 1963, is a contemporary art museum that emphasizes the importance of educating youth through art and culture. With a 35,000 square foot space, Bass Museum of Art also offers educational programs and lectures, hosts concerts, and offers free family days. Come October this year, the museum plans to launch bassX, an innovative pop-up exhibit featuring multiple artists.

Villa Casa Casuarina

There’s a reason this magnificent mansion inspired fashion designer Gianni Versace. Immediately drawn to the Spanish architecture, Versace invested over $30 million in the home. The designer lived at Casa Casuarina for five years until he was killed on the villa’s front steps. Now the villa operates as a hotel, and you can stay at this lavish accommodation for a whopping $1300 per night.

World Erotic Art Museum (WEAM)

This unique museum houses 12,000 square feet of erotic art, the largest erotic art display on the globe. Director Naomi Wilzig, known as the “Queen of Erotic Art,” opened WEAM in 2005. Wilzig is the only woman to develop such an elaborate erotic art collection. With over 4,000 works from all over the world, WEAM is the only United States museum to solely host erotic art.

Stay Nearby South Beach Arts and Culture

The Cavalier Hotel, located in the Miami Art Deco District on Ocean Drive, sits in the center of South Beach arts and culture. To book your stay at the Cavalier today, click here or call 305-673-1199.