The Benefits of Staying in a South Beach Boutique Hotel

While big chains offer some perks, a South Beach boutique hotel exposes you to the vast culture of the area.

Travel should be a one of a kind adventure. Seeing a new city, the sites, the sounds, the culture, wonderful restaurants, the night life, getting out in nature, finding local events, allowing yourself time just to simply be yourself and enjoy life. Your hotel stay should enhance this.

When choosing a hotel on South Beach, or anywhere for that matter, deciding on the type of accommodation and experience you would like to have means making a choice between big chains or privately owned properties.

Big chains carry name recognition and standards of service. You know pretty much what to expect when you check in. Reliability is always nice, but it doesn’t leave a lot of room for adventuring or exploration. Small single owned hotels tend to reflect the ideals and creativity of the owner or property management and branding team. Because they do not have to answer to a corporate entity, they tend to be more one of a kind.

Stay at the Cavalier Hotel

The Cavalier Hotel, located right on South Beach in Miami, has been re-created and custom renovated from an old historical building. Originally designed by architect Roy F. France in 1936 as a masterpiece of the Art Deco movement, the Cavalier Hotel has reigned supreme ever since and truly stands out as a South Beach boutique hotel with style all its own.

Cavalier has reopened its doors once again after extensive restorations. Without compromising the original integrity of the building a multitude of Art Deco design touches have been added. It is now an old style hotel with all the modern conveniences. This high end South Beach boutique hotel offers personalized service with a more intimate feel.

The historic Cavalier Hotel is located at 1320 Ocean Drive Miami, FL33139. Reservations can be made by calling (305) 673-1199.