Ways to Save Money in South Beach

Vacations can be very expensive.  The price of everything – hotel room, plane tickets, food, drinks, excursions, gas money, souvenirs, shows, etc. – adds up. South Beach is a hot vacation spot, but it’s widely known that it is not the cheapest place to visit. The area is fully of upscale experiences and exclusive places, which explains why a South Beach vacation can come with a high price tag. However, there are ways to save money while spending time in South Beach.

Below we share some ways to save money when you visit South Beach to maximize your time down here!

Spend Time on the Beach
Florida is the place to go for the best beaches. The sand is soft and the water is clear and beautiful. The best part? Sitting on the beach and swimming in the water is free. If you’re coming down to a beach, it makes sense to spend as much time there as you can.

Visit South Beach in During Non-Tourist Season
South Beach, and all of Miami Beach (and Florida), is a popular Spring Break and Winter Break vacation destination. Children, college students, and families head down to the area to get out of the cold for a week or two. May to September is the ideal time to book a trip down here, because the hotel and plane tickets will be significantly cheaper. Although it may be hotter and rain a little bit more during those months, you’ll have more money in your pocket to spend on other fun things.

Get the Go Miami Card
If you want to have a fun-filled trip while in South Beach, it’s a smart idea to get the Go Miami Card. With this card, you can visit multiple Miami attractions for one price. Some attractions include: Miami Seaquarium, Jungle Island, Zoo Miami, Key West Day Trip, Airboat Trip, Bike & More, and many more. You can choose a pass that best suits the needs of your trip, and you can download it right on any mobile device you have. You can save up to 55 percent by using this card while exploring attractions all around Miami.

Eat for Less
South Beach is known for its quality restaurants, but with these establishments come expensive meals. But, don’t fret! There are places to grab food that won’t make you go broke! Advice: Wander away from the main streets to find businesses with lower prices. Here are a few places that offer cheaper options: Taco Rico, David’s Café II, Thai House South Beach, and La Sandwicherie.

Package Deals
Sign up for alerts on different airlines and travel sites. These places will send you emails throughout the year sharing you great travel and hotel accommodation deals that could potentially work well for your budget and schedule.

Visit South Beach

It is possible to vacation in South Beach at a cheaper rate. Keeping the following tips in mind, look around for the best places and deals going on throughout the year. With your heart set on a South Beach vacation, take a look at booking your stay at a classic Art Deco-style hotel in the area, the Cavalier Hotel. This hotel is centrally located, which means you can basically walk everywhere you need to go (saving money on transportation cost). To learn more about the Cavalier, click here. To book a room, visit here.