Espanola Way South Beach

Spend the Day on Espanola Way

Although South Beach isn’t that large section of Miami Beach, it surprisingly is full of plenty of places to explore and experience. One of these places: Espanola Way. Espanola Way is more than just a street in South Beach, it’s a charming area full of shops, restaurants, and bars – not to mention the gorgeous Spanish colonial architecture and hanging lights everywhere. So much is packed in this area, and it’s only two blocks long!

Espanola Way is just a few blocks off Ocean Drive and is a bit lighter on pedestrian traffic, so visitors can have more breathing room while the enjoy the walk and scenery of the buildings surrounding them. The area is quaint and picturesque filled with European-styled buildings.

The area looks like a historic Spanish village and was modeled after Mediterranean villages in Paris and Spain. The area was originally meant to be inhabited by the wealthy, but in the 1920s, rough times came and people like Al Capone were staying on the street and used the Clay Hotel for gambling. By the 1930s, the area become known for its rumba beat and street parties. However, by the 1970s, Espanola Way looked dilapidated. In the 1980s, the area received a facelift, along with the rest of Miami Beach. The Clay Hotel received a peach-colored paint job and was featured in several episodes of Miami Vice. Soon, the area caught the attention of Hollywood and appeared in films like Chains of Gold and The Birdcage, along with music videos and commercials.

Now, people walk down the street greeted by vendors selling flowers, handmade jewelry, clothing, and more.  The atmosphere is funky, vibrant, and fun. This area draws both locals and visitors.

In this area, you can find people working and visiting from all over the world, which really adds something special to the experience of the area. Some notable Espanola restaurants to check out, include: Tapas y Tintos, Nuvo Seafood and Pasta, Oh! Mexico, Havana 1959, Mojitos Lounge, Noir Ice Cream, and MYC Yogurt Café. Whether you want Mexican, seafood, Cuban, or a sweet treat, you’ll find something to eat on this street! As for the shopping, there are many little shops and boutiques where you can find unique items. Some stores include: Blanc Du Nil, Bia’s Jewelry, and Heart & Soul.

Stay Nearby Espanola Way

Espanola Way is nearby and within easy walking distance of the “iconic” South Beach that is found on Lincoln Road and Ocean Drive. You can easily walk to and from this charming area to the beach, other stores, clubs, and hotels, like The Cavalier Hotel in the Art Deco District on Ocean Drive. After a day and night on Espanola Way, check into this historic hotel! To book a room, call 305-673-1199 or click here.

Experience South Beach Arts and Culture

As part of the Art Deco District, South Beach presents unlimited exposure to arts and culture of all kinds. Elaborate exhibits, decorative gardens, historic memorials and cultural walkways all adorn South Beach. There’s no shortage of creativity in the city, and it’s guaranteed to stimulate your senses. Read on to learn the best of South Beach arts and culture.

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