Explore Fashion During FUNKSHION

Miami is a city with a strong identity. There is no other city quite like Miami, and it expresses its culture in many ways, including: fashion.  Just look at South Beach – the streets are lined with luxury boutiques that are filled with clothing you can’t find anywhere else.


With an ever-growing interest, the city celebrates it love for fashion with a four-day-long event called FUNKSHION: Fashion Week Miami Beach; it also runs in July and October. These events are free to the public. This fashion platform will run from March 16 to 19.  FUNKSHION is a way for both established and emerging designers to present their collections to celebrities, international buyers, stylists, the media, the public, and more. The exhibition is a few blocks from Miami Fashion Week.


The four-day event includes: fashion shows, networking hours, panel discussions, after-parties, red carpet events and receptions. The three-annual shows bring Miami Beach more than 40 fashion shows. FUNKSHION likes to brand itself as a stage that bridges the Latin American and United States markets. Unlike many fashion shows, FUNKSION blends together the fashion on the stage with the music accompanying it, and there’s usually a live DJ playing the tunes.


According to FUNKSHION’s website, their mission is to support a designer’s brand and offer them the space and resources to showcase his or her collections in a minimally commercially-branded event; there are no rules to creativity in this arena. Unlike the shows in Miami Fashion Week, FUNKSHION does allow newer, unknown designers to make their mark on the scene; also, many of the collections in FUNKSION are more affordable, and will end up in stores. Overall, FUNKSHION is more inviting and accessible to the general public to enjoy.


The environment is said to be fun and creative, which reflects the Miami Beach lifestyle. Celebrities. Bloggers, models, designers from several countries can be spotted at any of the events. Each year, the event becomes more popular in its own right; the collections in the shows accurately reflect the culture and essence of Miami. FUNKSHION Productions doesn’t want to be the next Milan or New York City, they want to be their own unique fashion outlet in the world.


Whether you love fashion, are in the industry yourself, or just want to mingle with an elite crowd, here is a list of some of the shows and other events you can attend:


Wednesday, March 16

Art Institute Annual Student Fashion Show, 4 p.m.
FGI Talking Industry Panel Discussion: “Designed in Miami,” with Fabrice Tardieu, Michael Saiger, Simonette Pereira, Alessandra Gold, 7 p.m.
Ethnos Fashion Show, 8 p.m.


Thursday, March 17
Style Mafia Fashion Show, 8 p.m.
Alessandra Gold Fashion Show, 9:30 p.m. After-party to follow.


Friday, March 18
Red Cup Carpet, 7:30 p.m.
Pre-game Reception, 8 p.m.
The Phoenix House Miami Fashion Show, 9 p.m.
Frat House Afterparty, 10 p.m.


Saturday, March 19
Hamel Fashion Show, 8 p.m.
FUNKSHION Closing Party, 9 p.m.


Miami and fashion go hand-in-hand. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, apparel and footwear jobs in Florida have been increasing in recent years, along with the number of fashion designers employed in the state.


FUNKSHION wants the public to be at this event. To attend, RSVP to march2016@FUNKSION.com. The event is located at 255 NY 25th St., Miami.


Explore South Beach Fashion

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