South Beach

The History of South Beach

South Beach is unlike anywhere else in the world. Upon visiting, people often find themselves taken aback by not only our beautiful beaches but even more so by our iconic architecture. The pastel colors and geometric patterns featured on our facades complement the seemingly eternal sunshine and endless blue seas that envelope our beaches in an unforgettable way. So, how did this all come to be?

According to Visit South Beach Online, until 1870, the area that today is known as South Beach was simply unsettled farmland. The Lum Brothers then purchased 160 acres of the island to grow coconuts and one of their daughters decided to name their new property “South Beach”. They built South Beach’s very first structure, a farmhouse, in 1886, but then chose to leave the area. Upon leaving, they left the land to John Collins, who began expanding his parcel after discovering fresh water in the area.

Things really started moving along in 1912, when Collins sold 400 acres of land to the Lummus Brothers, who were two local businessmen. They created a vision of developing the island boy building modest single-family homes there. The next step for Collins was to build a bridge to make the area more accessible to potential new residents, which he began construction on in 1913. Unfortunately, before it could be completed, Collins ran out of money. Soon after, a man named Carl Fisher decided to see Collins’ dream through and gave enough money to finish the bridge that is known today as the Venetian Causeway.


The town of Miami Beach was officially incorporated in 1915, but it took another five years until the land boom began. Once our scenic roads were completed for automobile traffic, South Beach very quickly became a playground for the rich and famous. Notable members of the upper crust such as the Firestones, J.C. Penny, Albert Champion all had mansions built in this area.

It wasn’t long before visitors wanted to experience the new and unique island on vacation, which leads to 1936, when the design for The Cavalier South Beach came to life. Continue to follow our blog for the continuation of the evolution of South Beach after the 1930’s.



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Top Five Sushi Spots in Miami Beach

South Beach is known for a lot of things: warm weather, white sandy beaches, endless cocktails – but when on vacation in Miami Beach, our incredible and unique sushi restaurants, which are anything but typical, cannot be missed.


What makes our sushi spots so unique, you ask? Pairing fresh, decadent ingredients with local exotic flavors and award-winning chefs, the fusion created is an unforgettable (and unbelievably delicious) dining experience.


Break out your chopsticks. Here are our top five must-visit sushi picks:


1. NaiYaRa: A unique blend of exotic flair and familiar dishes grace the raw section of NaiYaRa’s menu. Using fresh, quality fish, their chefs expertly slice, dress and present one-of-a-kind nigiri and omakase selections second to none on Miami Beach. Gold flakes, freshly shaved truffles, and caviar bring the WOW factor while dining in a casual, Bangkok-inspired dining room.


2. Pubbelly Sushi: Inventive would be an understatement when describing the menu at Pubbelly Sushi. The brainchild of five-time James Beard-nominated chef, Jose Mendin, one menu favorite, the Big Tuna Roll, features Spicy Tuna “Arroz Pegao,” truffle oil, and sea salt. Their French Onion Miso Soup, made with soft tofu scallions, gruyere toast, and onion confit, is also not to be missed!


3. Sushi Garage: This new local hotspot stands out for its décor and ambiance. Oozing cool, the restaurant is as beautiful as it is delicious. Featuring traditional Japanese food with an edge, you can’t leave without trying the Tuna Chicharron Roll.


4. Hoshi & Sushi: Hoshi & Sushi offers a fresh take on Japanese cuisine with the quintessential vibe of Miami Beach. With unparalleled service and passion, every sushi roll shines in this small sushi spot with high-quality and incredibly fresh seafood selections. The local favorite here is the Happy Jalapeño Roll, consisting of yellowtail, avocado, micro cilantro, lime, and jalapeño on top.


5. SUSHISAMBA: Only at SUSHISAMBA will you find a unique blend of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian culture and cuisine. SUSHISAMBA is born of the energy and spirit of these three distinct cultures and continues to be a top destination in the world for fusion sushi. The El Topo roll, with salmon, jalapeño, shiso leaf, fresh melted mozzarella, red onion, and crispy onion, is a must-try.


Sushi Garage photo via Hospitality Design