Best South Beach Sushi Spots

Sushi is hot right now. It isn’t just food, it’s basically an art form with how beautifully it’s put together and presented. Sushi spots are popping up everywhere as the demand for this delectable raw fish meal is higher and higher. Customers have their pick at numerous fish, vegetables, rice, sauces and mayos in a variety of combinations. Whether you like cream cheese with your salmon or fried sweet potato, you’re surely to find something you like. Being right by the water, there is no shortage of Sushi spots in South Beach; however, it’s important to choose a sushi spot that is known not only for its great flavors, but freshness, as well. Below are a few South Beach spots that offer the city’s best sushi for every palate:


Hiro’s Sushi Express | 1518 Washington Ave., Miami Beach
Hiro’s has an extensive menu with lots of exotic nigiri and rolls; this place is inexpensive, but still delivers tasty, fresh fish. There’s plenty of the standard rolls like a rainbow roll for $7.50 and a California roll for $3.75, as well as specialty rolls like “Spice Girl,” which includes spicy tuna, tempura flakes with salmon and pepper on top at $7.75 and the “Fish-n-Chill” that has spicy kani salad, cucumber, avocado, white fish tempura, and sweet chili sauce on top for $7.75. There are several rolls combos from $5.95 to $11.75, along with rice burgers, hand rolls, and nigiri combos.


Doraku Sushi | 1104 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach
Doraku isn’t just a great sushi spot in South Beach, it’s also known for its daily happy hour from 5 to 7 p.m. This spot is dedicated to being inventive with its sushi, so you will find more out-of-the-ordinary sushi offerings than the average place. The “Goddess of Love” roll is made with whitefish, shiso leaf and mix greens topped with tuna, sweet chili sauce and herbs; the “Snow Queen” is made up of shrimp tempura and avocado on the inside, topped with Hamachi, garlic aioli, eel sauce, and garlic chips; and the “Emperor Roll” is filled with tuna, salmon, crab, shrimp and avocado rolled rice-less with nori and breaded with panko. Doraku also offers a variety of sashimi and nigiri combos, as well as cold and hot plates like balsamic teriyaki spare ribs, spicy garlic shrimp, and roasted truffle salmon. Prices range from $4 to around $30.


Toni’s Sushi Bar | 1208 Washington Ave., Miami Beach
For 29 years, Toni’s Sushi Bar has been delivering fresh and authentic fish to the South Beach community. In fact, it was the first Japanese restaurant in Miami Beach. Toni’s is known for having great, unique specials, but their regular has a variety of sushi and sashimi options to choose from. The “Dreaming Shrimp” roll is filled with shrimp tempura, lettuce and curry-flavored mayonnaise inside out with masago and costs $12.50; the spider roll costs $15 and the New York spicy tuna roll goes for $8.50. The menu also features ceviche, Chilean seabass, tempura, and garlic steak.

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Sushi Samba| 600 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach

Stay Nearby These Sushi Spots
These three places are just a few of the many sushi options that are all around South Beach. When you’re planning your trip to South Beach, keep these places in mind; you’ll be guaranteed to have a great dining experience and a happy tummy.

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