Best Late-Night Snack Spots

It’s nearing the end of a long night out in South Beach, and suddenly hunger strikes. Your dinner isn’t holding you over. Greasy food is on your mind. Pizza. Dumplings. Tacos. But in a city that is known for its upscale restaurants and fancy delicacies, are there places that serve a late-night snack? You bet there is! In fact, South Beach has more places to satisfy late-night munchies more than the average town or city, because of the population and vibrant night scene. South Beach feeds its visitors well into the morning hours. So as your heading out of a nightclub or exiting from a great show, you’ll have many places to choose from no matter what you’re in the mood for. Here are a few great places to grab a late-night snack in South Beach!


Big Pink
157 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, Fl
Hours: Open till midnight Sunday through Wednesdays; Open till 2 a.m. on Thursdays; Open till 5:30 a.m. Fridays and Saturdays.
If you’re really starving, check out The Big Pink. The Big Pink gives its guests a retro diner experience. This is a hot spot for both locals and tourists throughout the year. It’s a known place for people watching too! They have more than 200 menu items to choose from. The dishes are all large portions, as well. Stand out late-night snacks include: Skillet Baked “Piggy Mac,” polenta fries, beef sliders, and many different bucket options.


11th Street Diner
1065 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL
Hours: January to April: Open 24 hours Wednesday through Sunday; Open till midnight Mondays and Tuesdays. April to December: Open 24 hours Thursday to Saturday; Open till midnight Sunday through Wednesday.
This well-known eatery is in a real 1940s Art Deco dining car. This place is known for its juicy hamburgers, milkshakes, and breakfast dishes served all day and night. The diner was also featured on the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Other great late-night snacks on the menu include: crispy-fried chicken, mac’n’cheese, sandwiches, and more than 10 different burgers.


La Sandwicherie
229 14th St., Miami Beach, Fl
Hours: Open daily till 5 a.m.
Need carbs? La Sandwicherie is the answer. This French-cuisine restaurant has lots of freshly-baked bread to satisfy your starchy cravings. This outdoor sandwich bar makes their food with the freshest ingredients. Delicious late-night snacks include: smoked salmon, French salami, croissants, baguettes, prosciutto, croquet monsieur, and lots of salads.


Pizza Bar
1627 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL
Hours: Open till 2 a.m. Sunday to Wednesday; Open till 5 a.m. Thursday to Saturday.
Pizza is easy to come by in South Beach, but this spot has a large menu that goes beyond the slice. Pizzas come in small, large and extra-large sizes. With a logo of “size does matter,” Pizza Bar is known for enormous, bigger-than-your-head slices. Beyond the plain slice, some pizza options are: bbq chicken, chicken alfredo, chicken cordon bleu, Mediterranean, Naples, and truffle oil pizza.


The Alibi
218 Espanola Way, Miami Beach, FL
Hours: Open daily till 5 a.m.
The Alibi delivers amazing bar food. It is run out of the Lost Weekend, a bar, so you don’t have to travel far to find some great eats. Tasty last-night snacks include: a Philly cheese steak, a shrimp poy boy, a hot dog, burgers, and several pizzas.


Stay Nearby South Beach Late-Night Snack Spots

Want to experience the delicious late-night snacks of South Beach? When you’re tired and feel stuffed from the three slices you just chowed down, it’s great to have a place right nearby to stay. The Cavalier Hotel, located on Ocean Drive, is close by to all these great food spots. To book your stay at the Cavalier, click here or call 305-673-1199.