The Low Down on South Beach Art Deco Architecture

The Miami Art Deco District

South Beach, Miami’s arts and culture hub, houses the Art Deco District. This historic area is full of eclectic architecture circa 1930-1940. Ocean Drive and Collins Ave showcase plenty of South Beach Art Deco architecture. In fact, folks travel from all over just to behold the distinct designs found on Miami’s Art Deco boutiques, hotels and restaurants.


What is Art Deco?

The Art Deco design came to life in Paris just before World War I. Art Deco designs boast bold geometric shapes and ornamental patterns with bright colors. This art form gained popularity in the 1930s and remained popular until soon after World War II.


Best South Beach Art Deco Architecture

South Beach is just as much a museum as it is a neighborhood. A self-guided tour down its most popular streets presents a myriad of Art Deco exhibits. From hotels to eateries, there’s no shortage of impressive Art Deco structures. Below are some of the South Beach Art Deco establishments you won’t want to miss.


The Webster | 1200 Collins Ave

This high-end South Beach boutique operates out of a beautifully restored Art Deco building. On the outside, the Webster wears pale shades of blue and pink with geometric accents. And on the inside, you’ll find three stories full of luxury designer brands. From Givenchy to Valentino, the selection is quite impressive. Plus, shoppers enjoy a rooftop patio with excellent views of the vast Atlantic.


Senor Frogs | 1450 Collins Ave

Though this building has changed hands over time, it’s always preserved its 1940s Art Deco design. Architect Henry Hohauser fostered inspiration from automotive and airplane parts and used curved edges to enunciate modernity. The building’s painted pale blue and pink with white accents, and inside is just as colorful. Patrons enjoy food, drinks, dancing and singing in an energizing ambiance.


Lifeguard Towers | Ocean Drive

South Beach lifeguard towers stand out from all other lifeguard towers as colorful, whimsical emblems of Miami. Designed by architect William Lane, the towers depict Art Deco designs through bright colors and geometric shapes. For instance, one tower wears an oblong roof while another exhibits vibrant floral patterns. To see one or all of the 29 towers, simply walk along the beach.


The Cavalier Hotel | 1320 Ocean Drive

A freshly renovated Art Deco hotel, the Cavalier sits right on Ocean Drive. Originally designed by Roy France, the building shines with symmetrical stucco frieze. Inside, guests enjoy remodeled rooms with state-of-the-art amenities. Plus, the Cavalier sits just minutes from popular South Beach attractions like Lummus Park and the Lincoln Road Mall.


Stay in an Art Deco Hotel

Do you want to stay in the heart of Miami’s Art Deco District? Then, the Cavalier Hotel is perfect for you. Not only will you enjoy the Cavalier’s own Art Deco accents, but you will also relish its close proximity to other renowned South Beach Art Deco architecture. To book your stay at the Cavalier, call 305-673-1199.