Ocean Bistro Restaurant at Cavalier

When it comes to dining in South Beach, the setting is almost as important as the food. Our outdoor patio is situated right on Ocean Drive, right next to the Atlantic Ocean Breeze.


We offer our guests four different made at the moment breakfast options: Yogurt cup, Morning eggs, Veggie eggs, and Pancakes. For other options see our menu.


Enjoy our lunch full-service restaurant, which specializes in Latin-infused seafood dishes at its classic outdoor patio located right on Ocean Drive Promenade.


Enjoy lunch from our full-service restaurant, specialized in Latin-infused seafood dishes at our classic outdoor patio while enjoying the cool refreshing breeze of South Beach.

Full Service Bar

if you’re in the mood for a cocktail before or after heading out to explore South Beach’s nightlife, simply visit the bar at the Cavalier anytime for a delightful cocktail.