Experience South Beach Room Escape

Headed to South Beach? Looking for something new to do on the town? Tired of going to the club or laying on the beach all day? Well, we’ve got a fun idea for you to try out: South Beach Room Escape.

South Beach Room Escape is a fun, challenging experience where people get to go through mind-bending puzzle rooms; there are three different puzzle rooms to choose room. You, with your friends and/or family, get put into real-world scenarios that are similar to the mechanics in video games.

In a puzzle room, you are trapped with your friends, family, coworkers, strangers, or whoever else for an hour-long challenge. The South Beach puzzle rooms are filled with puzzles and challenges that test people’s brains. These puzzles and games are a great team-building experience where the group is assigned a mission where they need to solve mysteries, manipulate objects, and search for hidden clues in the rooms.

You can experience the game in groups from two to 60 people in size. The minimum age is 6 years old to participate.

South Beach Room Escape has three unique rooms to explore that hold up to 10 players. The rooms all have a similar difficulty level with a 20 percent rate. Participants can choose to be in the Panic Room, be in the Diamond Heist Room, or the Mission: Impossible – Roque Nation.

If participants cannot solve the puzzle, staff members will help. Staff monitors the game through a webcam.

South Beach Room Escape is located at 235 Lincoln Road, and the building comes with an ocean view rooftop lounge.  The rooms are large and well lit. To book a game, click here.

Stay Nearby South Beach Room Escape

The South Beach Room Escape game is a great bonding experience for friends, family, and even coworkers. After a fun-filled hour of brain games and time on the town, think about staying local so you can enjoy your time in South Beach a little bit longer. The Cavalier Hotel is in the heart of South Beach and is a beautiful place to rest your head at night after a long day of puzzles! To book your stay at the Cavalier, click here or call 305-673-1199.