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For more information on in-room food service, please contact us.

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Casa Maria Seafood and Grill

At the Cavalier Hotel, we like to take care of everything for our guests, down to the smallest detail. With so much to see and take in all around you in South Beach, deciding where to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner can be a hassle in itself. And while South Beach is well known for having some of the finest restaurants and cafes in the world, we believe in offering our guests a simple and convenient solution to satisfy their dining needs directly within our doors. When it comes to dining in South Beach, the setting is almost as important as the food, and the Cavalier Hotel truly tops all others in this department. Our outdoor patio is situated right on Ocean Drive, so you and your companions can enjoy a delicious Latin-infused meal sitting right next to the Atlantic Ocean. As an added benefit, we offer a complimentary breakfast to all guests and our full menu is available for room service as well.

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Opening March 2016


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Coming Soon!
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