The first commercial development on Miami Beach in the early 1920s, Española Way was built to serve as an artists’ colony, modeled after romantic Mediterranean villages in France and Spain. Quintessentially bohemian right down to peach-colored paint, the enclave is a cultural gem.

In May 2017, The City of Miami Beach completed a $2.5 million revitalization project making it a pedestrian-only street. Today, Española Way is experiencing a renaissance, fulfilling the vision of those who built it nearly a century ago as a place for locals and travelers to gather, create and celebrate.

Española Way is a historic street between 14th and 15th street on Miami Beach, stretching from Washington Avenue to the western corners of Drexel Avenue. Española Way is a quaint and picturesque Spanish-inspired village designed in Mediterranean Revival style.

Pink stucco buildings, striped awnings, wrought iron balconies, and tall palm trees, their fronds creating shadows that move with the morning breeze — that’s my view as I sip a cappuccino at a French café. It’s quiet, and voices are low. But the night before on Española Way was a totally different story.

Outdoor tables lining the street under twinkling lights were filled with diners, and lively chatter went into the late hours. It was a scene from summer in Paris, Rome, or Madrid, and I took it in as I walked back from a tapas and sangria dinner at Tropezón.

A hundred years ago, developers created Española Way as an artists’ colony modeled after Mediterranean villages. Through years of ups and downs, the two-block area has retained its look, even as hurricanes struck and businesses closed. Today, the renaissance of Española Way is largely the result of the development of a row of buildings.

A paseo along the buildings of the village features colorful tables and chairs, landscaping, overhead lights, and tiled floor. From the lobby of the stylish El Salón for cocktails created from specially crafted spirits. A few steps further, Bar Pintxo offers a selection of pintxos, Basque-style tasty bites to accompany cocktails. On the rooftop, a pool, plush cabanas, and bar are connected by a walkway joining two buildings. Sensual then and now, Española Way is an immersive and transporting experience, and not to be missed.

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