Wynwood Walls

Wynwood Walls

Uncover the Enchanting Tale

Beyond its glitzy fa├žade, Wynwood has blossomed into a sanctuary for aspiring painters, graffiti artists, creatives, and young visionaries. Nestled just a stone’s throw away from Downtown Miami, in proximity to Midtown and the Miami Design District, this thriving community revolves around the captivating marvel known as Wynwood Walls. Stretching across six buildings, adorned with colossal wall murals, Wynwood Walls has metamorphosed into an expansive canvas that attracts acclaimed artists from all corners of the world.

Historical Background

In the 1970s, Wynwood stood as a collection of dilapidated warehouses until the early 2000s, when Tony Goldman, an entrepreneur, historic preservationist, developer, restaurateur, hotelier, and passionate arts supporter, recognized its untapped potential. Known for his successful revitalization projects in SoHo and South Beach, Tony Goldman focused his company, Goldman Properties, on transforming this struggling neighborhood into a cultural haven. Unveiled during Art Basel 2009, Wynwood Walls embodied Goldman’s vision of an open-air art gallery that came to life. Over time, this concept blossomed into a broader appreciation of art, with Wynwood’s monthly art walks serving as a testament to the creator’s dream of a neighborhood that served as an urban street art canvas.

The Artists

Throughout the years, the lineup of muralists featured at Wynwood Walls has evolved, yet a select few have left an indelible mark on its narrative. One such artist is Aiko, a Japanese creative residing in Brooklyn, who rallied her closest friends from around the globe to collaborate on her 2009 project, utilizing large stencils meticulously crafted by her own hands. Recently, Aiko revisited her creation in 2013 as part of the “Women on the Walls Project.” Another prominent figure is Lady Pink, hailing from Ecuador. She burst onto the graffiti art scene in 1979, adorning New York City’s subway trains and swiftly establishing herself as the first woman to rise above the male-dominated realm of graffiti. Maya Hayuk, renowned for her celestial depictions, Ukrainian artistry, airbrushed manicures, and mandalas, weaves elements from her immediate surroundings into her abstract paintings.

Must-See Attractions and Activities

The most captivating time to experience this marvel is during the second Saturday of every month, when Wynwood Art Walk takes center stage. Additionally the monthly extravaganza transforms the entire Wynwood Arts District into a lively street party and art festival, complete with food trucks, live music, and extended hours at art galleries, where libations flow freely. Naturally, Wynwood enjoys a surge of visitors during Art Basel Miami Beach, the annual global art fair that magnetizes artists and art aficionados from across the globe. Besides, Art Basel, Wynwood Walls artists converge to refresh their existing works or craft new masterpieces designed to awe and inspire. Every bare wall, surface, or structure becomes a canvas for the most unexpected creations.Have a memorable visit by staying at the Cavalier’s South Beach Art Deco hotel. For reservations call (305) 673 1199.